Aaron Berkowitz, M.D., Ph.D

When musicians are injured, they are often offered strategies for recovery that include physical therapy, treatment of pain, and reduction in continuous time practicing.  While these approaches can aid in recovery from injury, they do not address the root causes of musicians' injuries: deep-seated technical and postural habits that lead to maladaptive playing patterns that can cause muscular strain or neurological injury. The Taubman approach is a comprehensive method that precisely addresses these root causes of injury, leading not only to recovery, but to prevention of further injury.  The student eliminates old 'bad habits' through a practical and detailed approach to solving technical and musical aspects of practice and performance, resulting in an ease and fluidity of playing.  But the Taubman approach goes beyond mere injury recovery and prevention: it provides the framework for the development of musical virtuosity and provides a clear path for achieving it. When watching great musicians play, one often marvels at their technical and musical effortlessness. The Taubman approach provides the means for achieving that effortlessness with your own hands.

Aaron Berkowitz, M.D., Ph.D
Department of Neurology
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Harvard Medical School