Shari Weisz

Shari Weisz

Based in Stamford, CT

Shari Weisz has over twenty years of teaching experience and has been studying the Taubman Approach since 1991. She is the chair of Professional Development for the Schubert Club of Fairfield County, and is involved in the Connecticut chapter of MTNA. She maintains a private studio in Stamford, CT.

Level of Certification: Instructor, July 2009
Taubman Teacher: Robert Durso  
Mentor: Robert Durso  Mary Moran  
Location: Stamford, CT
Educational Background: Pratt Institute, BFA, 1974; Mannes College of Music non-degree piano performance study program, 1969-1974.

Certified Teacher Shari Weisz on Teaching

Teaching the Taubman Approach is extremely rewarding. I was first introduced to it in 1991, and since studying the Taubman Approach and getting it into my body, it has given me the tools and knowledge necessary to retrain adult pianists to play without pain, with new-found ease and a beautiful tone. It has also enabled me to guide young children in developing a natural technique and give them a lifelong love of music. The gift of this body of knowledge has enriched my playing and is taking me on a very gratifying journey.

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“At long last, through the Taubman Approach, I have found the ideal means to near-effortless, directed physical mastery of keyboard technique. Each time that I watch the Taubman Technique videos I discover yet another nuance of this very elegant approach to the correct application of technique to physical and musical performance!”

Stanley G. Rockson, M.D.