Higher Education

If you wish to study the Taubman Approach within a degree program at the college level, it is possible to study with the following Golandsky Institute teachers at the schools listed below. For more information, please click on the names for links to teachers’ biographies and contact details.


Frederick, MD
Frederick Community College: Patricia Franz, Dr. John Wickelgren 
Mount St Mary’s University: John Wickelgren
Fredonia, NY
State University of New York: Father Seán Duggan

Marywood, PA
Marywood University: Sophie Till (violin)
New York City, NY
City University of New York (CUNY) (including Hunter College and Queens College): John BloomfieldRobert Durso, Edna GolandskyIlya ItinAudrey Schneider
Philadelphia, PA  
University of the Arts: Robert Durso (Master Lecturer in Piano)
Portland, OR
Lewis and Clark College: Deborah Cleaver
Students may take two years to retrain their technique without having to play juries, while continuing to work on their other degree requirements.
Spokane, WA
Eastern Washington University: Kendall Feeney
Bachelor's and Master's programs offered.


Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University: Dr. Therese Milanovic


College of Lanaudiere: Mariko Sato


Musashino Academia Musicae: Ilya Itin

“The amazing thing to me is that Dorothy Taubman never set out to develop a method to cure injured pianists. Her main intention was to teach people to play as virtuosos, but, in doing, so, she realized that the motions that were involved in virtuoso playing also cured injuries.”

Barbara Banacos