Find A Teacher in Your Area

We understand that musicians have different needs and goals. The Golandsky Institute has an expert faculty and a committed group of certified instructors. We are happy to recommend the best teacher for your particular situation, whether you are a performer, teacher, student, beginner, or amateur.

The pedagogy of the Taubman Approach is highly specialized. Currently, successful instructors have rigorous, on-going training with The Golandsky Institute in order to be able to diagnose and solve problems effectively.

Difficult technical problems and playing-related symptoms are most likely to be resolved when a highly experienced teacher conducts the lessons. Even though all certified instructors and participants in the Institute’s Professional Training Program are serious students of the Taubman Approach, not everyone has the same depth of experience or level of expertise.

Having worked with Dorothy Taubman the longest, Edna Golandsky, Co-founder of The Golandsky Institute, is the most effective teacher of The Taubman Approach. She is suitable for advanced pianists and complicated cases. The Senior faculty consisting of John Bloomfield, Robert Durso and Mary Moran are the most highly trained and effective teachers suitable for advanced pianists and cases of injury. Teachers are trained to three very distinct yet different levels and only the most experienced can handle complicated situations involving injury and/or advanced pianists.

For this reason, the best teacher in any given situation may not be the most convenient one geographically. There is no substitute for the experience of a master teacher. While long-distance learning can be successful as a second-best option if travel is impossible, we do not recommend it when dealing with injury. Successful resolution of serious problems almost always warrants hands-on attention in the early stages.

We encourage you to contact the Institute for a recommendation that will best suit your particular needs. We can also offer an assessment of anyone who claims to be teaching the Taubman Approach.

Please fill out a request form and we will contact you shortly with an appropriate recommendation.

“Classical and jazz pianists play the same instrument and are governed by the same physiological principles. The physical freedom offered by the Taubman approach is the perfect companion to the creative freedom pursued by improvising jazz pianists.”

Don Glanden, Professor, The University of the Arts