Brendan Cooney

Brendan Cooney

Brendan Cooney is a pianist, composer and teacher residing in Philadelphia. He began studying the Taubman Approach in 2004 after mangling his hands with a jazz performance degree from Oberlin College. Brendan is the musical director and composer for Not So Silent Cinema, which performs new scores to old silent films. He plays jazz in the Rhinoceri Trio and chamber music in the New River Ensemble. He instructs students in both the Jazz and Classical traditions. 

Level of Certification: Instructor
Taubman Teacher: Robert Durso  
Mentor: Robert Durso
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Triggering Improvisation

When I was invited to contribute something to the new blog on the Golandsky Institute site I thought that it would be a good opportunity to share some ways I have applied a simple principle from the Taubman Approach in my development of ways to teach improvisation and syncopation.

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“At long last, through the Taubman Approach, I have found the ideal means to near-effortless, directed physical mastery of keyboard technique. Each time that I watch the Taubman Technique videos I discover yet another nuance of this very elegant approach to the correct application of technique to physical and musical performance!”

Stanley G. Rockson, M.D.