Barbara Banacos

Barbara Banacos

Based in Lexington, Winchester, Magnolia, MA

Barbara Banacos has been a private piano teacher for over 15 years. She also teaches the correspondence courses of Charlie Banacos, in collaboration with Garry Dial, via online lessons. She has performed as a soloist, accompanist and with orchestra.

Level of Certification: Associate Level, May 2018
Taubman Teacher: Robert Durso  
Mentor: Robert Durso  
Location: Lexington, Winchester, Boston, Quincy, Magnolia, MA. Also available on Skype.
Educational Background: BA and MA in Music, CUNY Hunter College. Private studies with Robert Durso, Charlie Banacos, and Garry Dial. Additional studies at the University of Oklahoma

The Power of Coordinate Movement

In December of 1996, my hands closed into fists as result of an injury called dystonia. Dystonia is considered by the medical profession to have no cure.

At the time of the injury I was in my second year of college and practicing five to eight hours a day despite a lot of pain. Being under the assumption that pain was a part of becoming a musician, I never thought I was headed for any real trouble. As the symptoms of dystonia began to show, I felt that the more I practiced the worse my playing seemed to get. I felt as though my hands were moving in slow motion. It was like being in a dream and trying to run. My fingers felt sluggish and the harder I tried to make them move the more heavy and slow they felt. Eventually it got to a point where I would play a descending scale passage and my fingers would curl up under my hand after playing.

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“The Taubman approach is a comprehensive method that precisely addresses these root causes of injury, leading not only to recovery, but to prevention of further injury.”

Aaron Berkowitz, M.D., Ph.D