The faculty members of the Golandsky Institute are the most highly trained teachers of the Taubman Approach in the world. They have honed their knowledge and skill through years of rigorous study. With a body of knowledge as subtle and complex as the Taubman Approach, this kind of intensive work has proved necessary for the development of insightful, effective teachers.

Associate faculty members have likewise pursued in-depth study of the Taubman Approach and demonstrated their abilities with a wide range of students. Both faculty members and associate faculty members engage in continuing education and help mentor teachers in the Golandsky Institute’s Professional Training Program.

Participants in this program are on a pathway to certification by the Golandsky Institute and are recognized as certified instructors after they reach proficiency as capable practitioners of the Taubman Approach.

If you wish to study the Taubman Approach within a degree program at the college level, it is possible to study with the following Golandsky Institute teachers at the schools listed here.

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We understand that musicians have different needs and goals. The Golandsky Institute has an expert faculty and a committed group of certified teachers. We are happy to recommend the best teacher for your particular situation, whether you are a performer, teacher, student, beginner, or amateur.

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“Impressive results with the Taubman approach in relieving and preventing injuries and also facilitating greater accomplishment at the piano appears to me to be a gross understatement.”

Leo Gorelkin, M.D.