Música Ficta


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Jairo Serrano, tenor, baroque guitar, percussion
Julián Navarro, baroque guitar, vihuela de mano, theorbo
Carlos Serrano, recorders, shawm, pipe and tabor

Música Ficta is a vocal and instrumental ensemble specialized in the rich and fascinating Latin-American and Spanish baroque repertoire. The ensemble, considered one of the most important early music groups in Latin-America, has performed in more than twenty countries on four continents during its career of more than fifteen years. Música Ficta has appeared at major early music festivals and venues around the world, including the Kennedy Center for the Arts and the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC, Sainte Chapelle and the Conciergerie in Paris, the Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore, the Stour Festival in England, Caja Madrid in Barcelona and Madrid, Semana de Música Antigua de Estella in Spain, Festival Cervantino in Mexico, the Rundale Palace in Latvia, and the Teatro Colón in Colombia. The ensemble has also performed at major Latin American churches where much of the music it interprets was composed. Some of these churches include the cathedrals of Mexico City, Cartagena and Bogota (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador), La Paz (Bolivia), as well as some of the most important baroque churches in Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia.

Throughout its career, Música Ficta has passionately endeavored to disseminate this often unknown and colorfully diverse repertoire. Its innovative and creative programs based on careful musicological research, create persuasive performances that have been warmly praised by music critics, and enthusiastically received by the public. Many of the ensemble's concerts have been broadcast by major radio stations, including Radio France International, Radio Nederland (The Netherlands), Cologne Radio (Germany) and National Public Radio (USA). Through its CD recordings for Arion (France), Arts Music (Germany), Centaur (USA), Milan-Jade (France) and Carpe Diem (Germany), Musica Ficta has highlighted the quality and international appeal of Latin-American and Spanish baroque repertoire. These recordings have received excellent reviews and honors from internationally renowned publications such as the Washington Post, Klassik Magazin, Goldberg, American Record Guide, Audiophile Audition, Le Monde de la Musique, etc., in which the quality of the music and of the ensemble has been emphasized.

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Stanley G. Rockson, M.D.