When Hands Collide

John Bloomfield discusses situations in which the hands play in close proximity to one another and provides strategies for untangling the passages and making them easier to play. Topics covered in this free video: interdependence of hands, shared notes, hands playing close together.

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Our one-week Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival (July 9-17, 2016) is a rare opportunity for pianists to examine the body of work known as the Taubman Approach, presented by expert faculty who have studied directly with Mrs. Taubman and Edna Golandsky.

This year John Bloomfield (pedagogue in video above) will present "The Beauty Within: Using Technical Control to Manage Accompaniment Figures." Mr. Bloomfield along with other expert facutly members will provide private lessons, master classes, and technique clinics during the Summer Symposium. 

The symposium includes these special features:

  • 4 private lessons
  • 4 supervised practice times in addition to private lessons (first-time participants only)
  • 3 interactive technique clinics
  • 6 Breakout groups where you can experience specific keyboard passages that are being discussed in relation to applicable concepts of the Taubman Approach (for participants with previous exposure to the Taubman Approach)
  • Master classes
  • Presentations and lectures by Edna Golandsky, John Bloomfield, Robert Durso, and Mary Moran.
  • 6 evening concerts by world-class artists (International Piano Festival)

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Registration closes June 30, 2016