When Rotation Meets In and Out

What is it like to play without twisting or curling fingers? In the FREE video below, Edna Golandsky discusses the way that rotation and in and out movements become integrated in a scale, preventing uncomfortable and sometimes painful finger positions. You need a union between both rotation and in and out movements to play without strain—just as you need a strong foundation to build a house.


Teaching Rotation with Robert Durso

Senior director and co-founder Robert Durso discusses the core concept of rotation in this video and addresses the misconceptions surrounding it. Rotation is one of the pillars of the Taubman Approach. Without it, the work is not complete. If you are looking to teach rotation or learn it yourself, watch this video! It covers the following: Basic Alignment, Single Rotation, Double Rotation.


The Art of Rhythmic Expression: Part 1

Singing tone, shaping, and pedaling form the basis of legato playing whether we are physically able to connect the notes or not. These elements help create the long lines all musicians strive for, as well as continuity over musical rests and bar lines.