Overcoming Injury with Elizabeth Grace

Certified teacher Elizabeth Grace discusses her journey of overcoming injury. The Taubman Approach saved her career. Learn how it can help you by attending the Summer Symposium at Princeton University, July 9-16, 2017. Experience private lessons, master classes, and group classes tailored for your level. Overcome your injury!


Polyrhythms Made Easy

John Bloomfield shows how to play and teach polyrhythms in this FREE video made available for a limited time.

Topic covered: Polyrhythms


Teaching the Double Rotation

Robert Durso discusses the underlying principles and teaching challenges of the double rotation, followed by Edna Golandsky who further clarifies these principles in a master class. 

Topics covered in this free video: rotation, double rotation, pedagogy.


When Hands Collide

John Bloomfield discusses situations in which the hands play in close proximity to one another and provides strategies for untangling the passages and making them easier to play.

Topics covered in this free video: interdependence of hands, shared notes, hands playing close together.