Why wait until it hurts?

Do you experience tightness, pain, or limitations to your playing? Learn a practical step-by-step approach to solving your pain or preventing it from happening. Edna Golandsky invites pianists and string players to the Summer Symposium at Princeton University (July 9-16, 2017) who seek a solution to their playing-related pain/injury or wishing to prevent it.


Remembering Kendall Feeney

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our longtime friend and faculty member, Kendall Feeney. A wonderful pianist and teacher, Kendall was on the faculty of the Golandsky Institute since its inception, having studied the Taubman Approach with both Dorothy Taubman and Edna Golandsky since 1988. She was beloved by her students as a warm and supportive teacher, a captivating lecturer, and a formidable musician. She was admired as one whose understanding of music was only surpassed by her care for every person she encountered. We have all learned so much from simply knowing her.


Polyrhythms Made Easy

John Bloomfield shows how to play and teach polyrhythms in this FREE video made available for a limited time.

Topic covered: Polyrhythms


Teaching the Double Rotation

Robert Durso discusses the underlying principles and teaching challenges of the double rotation, followed by Edna Golandsky who further clarifies these principles in a master class. 

Topics covered in this free video: rotation, double rotation, pedagogy.


The Taubman Approach in Australia Series

Co-founder John Bloomfield presents a workshop in Brisbane, Australia, February 4-5, 2017 along with faculty member Dr. Therese Milanovic. Other co-founders will join John and Therese via online streaming: Edna Golandsky, Robert Durso, and Mary Moran. Further program details here.