Practice Facilities

Chelsea Studios
151 West 26th Street, 5th and 6th Floors (between Sixth and Seventh Avenues)
T: 212"924"5877
Rates from $15–$65 p/h
Opening Hours: M"F: 9 am–11 pm; S"S: 9 am–10 pm
All studios have a piano.

Opera America
330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001
T: 212.796.8620
F: 212.796.8621
Rates from $10-$22.50 p/h
Specify whether an upright or a grand is desired.

Pearl Studios
500 Eighth Avenue (between 35th and 36th Streets)
T: 212"904"1850
Rates between $19 and $63 per hour
Open: S"S, 9 am–11 am
Pianos on the 12th floor.

Shetler Studios
244 West 54th Street (12th Floor & Penthouse) (between Broadway and Eighth Avenue)
T: 212"246"6655
Rates from $18–$25 p/h (40% discount if you book the same day)
Opening Hours: S"S: 9 am–11 pm

853 7th Avenue Rehearsal Studios
853 7th Avenue (between 54th & 55th Streets)
Rates $20 per hour
T: 212"586"9055

Ripley Grier Studios (multiple locations)
Rates from $14–$62 p/h
Open: S"S: 9 am–11 pm
Most rooms have pianos – request piano when booking

Ripley Grier 72
131 West 72nd Street (Between Amsterdam and Columbus)
T: 212"799"5433
F: 212"799"5755

Ripley Grier 939
939 Eighth Avenue (Between 55th and 56th Street), Suite 307
T: 212"397"1313
F: 212"333"5450

Ripley Grier 520
520 Eighth Avenue (Between 36th and 37th Street), 16th Floor
T: 212"643"9985
F: 212"643"9735

Kaufman Center
129 West 67th Street (between Amsterdam and Broadway)
T: 212"501"3308
Rates: $15 p/h for grand or upright piano
Opening Hours: M–T: 9 am–9 pm; F: 9 am–4 pm; closed weekends

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Aaron Berkowitz, M.D., Ph.D