The Golandsky Institute is the preeminent center for the teaching of the Taubman Approach, which gives pianists the tools to play with brilliance and ease. The Taubman Approach has also been developed for stringed instruments.

Mission Statement

The Golandsky Institute gives pianists transformative tools for physical health and musical expressivity. By helping artists avoid injury, the Institute ensures that classical music will have a bright and sustainable future. Read what doctors say about our work!

The Golandsky Institute instructs pianists in the skills that enable them to realize their highest potential as performing artists. It also teaches them how to overcome technical limitations and recover from playing-related injuries. It provides training for teachers in the diagnostic tools necessary to teach healthful skills to musicians of all levels. Through educational programs, professional collaborations, continued research and multi-media publications, the Golandsky Institute seeks to raise the awareness of the musical community and the public at large to the problems musicians face and the solutions available to them.

The Golandsky Institute was established in 2003 by Edna Golandsky, John Bloomfield, Robert Durso and Mary Moran to bring high-level training in the Taubman Approach to the musical community. This Approach has proven to be highly effective in the resolution of technical limitations and playing-related injuries. The aim of the Institute is to provide musicians with a foundation that allows for full artistic expression and the development of virtuosic technical ability. 

The work of the Golandsky Institute is presented internationally through private instruction, lectures, master classes, performances and symposia by a team of expertly trained faculty members and teachers who are all highly regarded in their own right. In addition, the Institute produces critically acclaimed learning materials, including several series of DVDs, a photo-rich book, and videos of lectures, master classes, and seminars available as downloads or through the digital subscription streaming service.

The Golandsky Institute presents an annual Summer Symposium and International Piano Festival at Princeton University, where pianists, teachers and students alike come to experience the works of great composers and deepen their understanding of the art of piano playing. The Institute also presents one and two-day workshops in New York, Philadelphia, Berkeley, and Montreal.

The Taubman/Golandsky Approach for Strings was adapted for the violin by Edna Golandsky through her work with British violinist, Sophie Till.  Ms. Till presents this new approach annually in a week-long strings program at the Golandsky Institute Summer Symposium.

“The [Taubman] movements are designed to put you in the optimum position for every note, which means that once you get past the mechanics, you have more control over the sound of every note.”

TOM LAWTON, Senior Lecturer, University of the Arts